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ABUS electric wire rope hoists are the core element of our crane systems. They are also the result of many decades of research and development by ABUS. Our wire rope hoists are produced at the ABUS production plants at Gummersbach using the most advanced technology available and continue to bear witness to the reliability, and durability of our products. The SWL range of ABUS electric wire rope hoists extends from 1 t to 120 t. Our customers can choose from a wide range of models depending on application and requirements - starting with the standard wire rope hoist in the lower SWL range up to special crab unit designs incorporating additional features at the higher SWL range. However, all wire rope hoists have these characteristics in common: highest levels of uptime availability and safety within materials handling operations.

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The wire rope hoist line is available as a monorail suspended unit, a footmount unit or a top mounted double girder trolley; all have a service class of “H-4″ or “D”. Monorail hoists are available from 1 to 20 Ton capacity, with true vertical lift, single or two speed (3:1) as well as variable frequency drive. The footmount and top running double girder trolleys are cataloged through 60 ton with 40′ of lift. However, for those applications where a catalog model just isn’t right-we offer “built-up” trolley-hoists to 100 tons and beyond.

รอกไฟฟ้ามิตซูบิชิ R-TYPE SERIES

This series is structurally simply and economical with real capability.

• Capacity : 1-3 tons
• Hoisting Speed : 6 m/min
• Traversing Speed : 21 m/min
• FEM-Group : Equivalent to ISO - M5

รอกไฟฟ้ามิตซูบิชิ S-TYPE SERIES

This series is heavy-duty type hoists for applications involving high frequency operations. Its winding speed and the duty class is the highest available.

• Capacity : ½ - 60 tons
• Hoisting Speed : up to 11 m/min
• Traversing Speed : up to 21 m/min
• Duty Cycle : 40 % ED
• Number of Starts per Hour : 400 S/Hr
• FEM Group : Equivalent to ISO - M6
• Overload alarm (O.L.A) device and Emergency Brake for safety


Sometimes performance only comes up if you are focused on the basics. This is exactly the idea which is behind the BLACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik. A vast number of established and top-rated components arisen from the own engineering design with outstanding technologies are assigned for power and a long life. All components and products made from this meet the European safety standards. Furthermore, you can trust the experience and know-how of a worldwide operating company in a German tradition. The BLACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik sets its priorities on a high quality and attractive cost effectiveness. Reliable power and an elaborate technology make the BLACKLINE unique for all who want to avoid bigger investments in a high-quality crane.


The NOVA BLACKLINE is constructed for the economic lifting of charges. It is safe, reliable and based on a proven technological design. It combines a strong hoist with an attractive price.

High quality, long life and performance are the NOVA BLACKLINE‘s genetic basis. It covers a wide spectrum of load handling with an ultimate load of 12.5 tons. The NOVA BLACKLINE is an uncompromising and robust powerhouse, reduced to the essentials.


  • Ultimate load from 2 to 12.5 tons and a lifting height up to 12 meters
  • Optimal space and land utilization due to compact headroom and optimum hook dimension
  • Minimized attrition of rope by a big drum diameter
  • Robust contactor control for hoist motor and trolley motor
  • Mechanical overload protection protects crane and building structure
  • Plug & play – quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • Overheat protection at hoist motor prevents his damage


The BLACKLINE idea sets its focus on a construction, which is made for daily work perfectly.
There weren‘t made savings in the wrong place here. Power, quality and safety rank first,
simply real SWF.

Configuration and assembling

Control panel with receiver

Energy chain



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